Meet Team Nightmares

Rebecca Chin

Whether she’s baking something amazing or babysitting the neighbor’s nightmare baby, Rebecca always has a plan.  Don’t get me wrong, Rebecca is super creative, but all of her art supplies are definitely labeled, and her sneakers (she has a killer collection) are always spotless.  She probably is more organized than the rest of us because she’s been babysitting her little brother for years, with her doctor parents working long hours and with her Nai Nai gone.  On Team Nightmares, Rebecca is the one who makes us a team.  Who else could convince us to step into the Nightmare Realm and do what’s right??

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Maggie Anderson

Don’t let the overabundance of glitter and love of Reality TV fool you, Maggie is a fierce one.  She may lose almost every item in her possession (including most homework assignments) and care way too much about her YouTube traffic, but Maggie is pretty brilliant.  She and Rebecca fight a lot, but there is no one more loyal to Rebecca or the rest of us.  She is our fashionista, drama queen, songbird, and class clown.  On Team Nightmares, Maggie always surprises us with her sudden ideas and unexpected bravery.

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Tanya Martinez

When she is not watching Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cosmos or doing crazy extra credit like the STEM-goddess she is, she is helping her Dad restore an old classic car.  Seriously, is there anything this girl can’t do?! She is happiest when she is hands-on like that, fixing or inventing something while clad in her tattered NASA t-shirt.  Introverted?  Absolutely, but she is always all in with us and is usually the group’s peacemaker. Don’t get us wrong, though. Tanya may be a pacifist and a vegetarian, but she’s not all flowers and sunshine. She can get downright feisty when she thinks we’re on the wrong track! On Team Nightmares, Tanya is our path through the darkness — literally.  While we deal with things outside of the explanations of science, that does not stop her from using her super STEM skills to help.

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Clio Carter-Peterson

Clio’s head may be in a book a lot of the time, but she is far from shy and quiet.  Before she moved to Piper, she traveled all over the world with her professor parents.  Raised on history and anthropology, she treats any trip to a museum like she just won concert tickets to a boy band. Her bedroom walls are covered with old maps, and she and her parents text each other in Latin! She does great in school, and she’s the star of her debate team, but she’s just as happy to go thrifting or hang with her horror movie-loving, costume shop-owning Aunt Kawanna (who is super cool).  On Team Nightmares, Clio’s bookish connections to the past help us navigate through the ancient creatures from the Nightmare Realm.

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