Babysitting Nightmares

Babysitting isn’t easy, but when things start getting supernatural, it can turn into a real nightmare! Babysitting Nightmares follows the spooky babysitting adventures of a group of seventh grade friends as they take on everything from dirty diapers to angry ghosts. With the help of their mentor, Kawanna, and the old books in her costume shop, the girls work together to solve every new paranormal problem that comes their way. Each eerie new adventure brings them one step closer to facing off with the unearthly force behind it all, the terrifying queen of the Nightmare Realm!

By Kat Shepherd
Published by Imprint
Ages 8-12


Babysitting Nightmares: The Shadow Hand

Babysitting Nightmares (Volume 1), Available 06/05/18

For Rebecca Chin, babysitting has always been fun. But one night, a thunderstorm knocks the power out while she’s watching baby Kyle, and creepy things begin to happen in the house. A locked window opens by itself, mossy handprints streak the wall, and the baby starts acting strangely. When she finds out that no one else in town was affected by the storm, Rebecca begins to wonder if something supernatural is going on.

Fellow sitters Tanya, Clio, and Maggie help Rebecca unravel the mystery, only to discover something unbelievable. A sinister, paranormal villain has taken the baby and replaced him with a changeling! The girls can save him—if they can survive a scary journey into the Nightmare Realm!

Babysitting Nightmares: The Phantom Hour

Babysitting Nightmares (Volume 2), Available 01/29/19

When the Lee family moves into the old, abandoned Plunkett Mansion, Clio is thrilled when they ask her to babysit. She has always wanted to see the inside of the crumbling old house. However, her enthusiasm turns to fear when she discovers the house has a supernatural resident, and it seems to be targeting Clio! Will Clio and her friends be able to unlock the house’s secret past and put the angry ghost to rest before it’s too late?

Babysitting Nightmares: The Ghost Light

Babysitting Nightmares (Volume 3), Available 06/19

The Twilight Theater has been closed for decades and has the reputation of being cursed. When a new theater company decides to put on Macbeth as a fundraiser to revive the old theater, Maggie is excited when she is hired to babysit the lead actress’s daughter, Juniper, during rehearsals at the Twilight. Initially enchanted by the elegant old building, Maggie grows increasingly uneasy when the production is struck by a series of misfortunes. And who is the mysterious woman in red Maggie sees lurking in the shadows? When Juniper is almost lured away by that mysterious woman in red, Maggie enlists the help of her friends to solve the mystery of the theater’s curse. They must work together and put all their skills to the test to prevent the curse from striking again… before it’s too late.