Topic: Science & STEM

Plunged into Darkness? Make a Water Bottle Lantern

By Tanya I am far from understanding exactly how yet, but the Nightmare Realm seems to disrupt electricity.  The Night Queen arrives, and suddenly, it’s lights out. Maggie says, “Duh, T.  She is the Queen of NIGHT.  She can make it night whenever she wants. Stop overthinking it!” (Like overthinking is a bad thing… )… Read more »

Great Horned Owl: The Night Queen’s Companion

By Tanya We were all wondering why the Night Queen wore a mantle of Great Horned Owl feathers and leaves one of its feathers as a calling card. I cued up this trailer for a CBC documentary, and now I get it. The words they use to describe the owl are: silent, powerful, mysterious, formidable, predator, and… Read more »

Lighting Up the Night: Black Light Hack

By Tanya Whether you are in pursuit of creatures of the Night Realm or not, the woods at night are filled with magic — you just need the right light to see it. When you look at the woods with a black light, it can appear that someone has gone through the woods marking trees with… Read more »